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“Are we there yet?”

This is such a common complaint from youngsters that it has become a cliché. However, children are correct in asking: everyone wants to know when they will arrive or how long a job will take.

Similarly, many homeowners want to know the duration of their home improvement projects. This is a common inquiry, and we can sense the eagerness of our customers to begin living in a more useful, pleasant and valuable house. It is not always possible to provide a straightforward response about the duration of home improvement projects due to the many elements involved, such as obtaining construction licenses, collecting supplies and working around your schedule.

This article discusses the typical timetable for three different levels of home renovations:

A Basic Rundown of Project Timelines

Cosmetic/Light Work

  • Time – a couple of weeks to three months
  • Type of work – painting, putting in new appliances or countertops, doing some work on the floors

Medium Work

  • Time – from a few weeks to 6 months
  • Type of work – a full kitchen renovation, adding a fireplace, a full bathroom renovation, a basement renovation

Major Work

  • Time – from 6 months to over a year
  • Type of work – work on the foundation, fixing the structure, adding a second storey

Cosmetic and Light Home Renovation Projects

If your house is already in good shape, you may only need to do a little bit of work on it. Consider cosmetic projects as small fixes which make your home look and feel better without major changes. Most of these smaller projects are “weekend projects”, meaning you can finish them on one or more weekends. This category includes things like landscaping and putting in a new sink. You could also paint the inside or outside of your home, put in new countertops, or do some simple flooring projects. 

Medium Home Renovation Projects

Now let’s make things a bit more complicated. Medium-sized projects usually take a few weeks to 6 months to finish, depending on how quickly you want to get them done. These projects are more than just small fixes; they involve gutting a room and starting from the ground up. This category includes most repairs and renovations; for example, the main medium-sized home improvement projects of tearing down and rebuilding the kitchen and bathroom from scratch. Most of the projects we do at NYCO Renovations are of this kind.

Major Home Renovation Projects

The most extensive renovation projects are comprehensive. This type of renovation often involves demolishing an entire floor, building a second storey, or doing foundational work. Multiple portions of work can take up to a year to complete on these projects. These kinds of endeavours are usual for house flippers and home rehabilitation. Sometimes the home is in a beautiful location, but it requires significant maintenance. Projects of this magnitude are enormous – but the finished project will completely alter the living environment.

Partnering With the Best Contractor: NYCO Renovations

Partnering With the Best ContractorImproving your house is a fantastic opportunity to increase comfort and utility today, plus add value when you decide to sell. The majority of contractors work around your schedule to complete the job. The expert professionals at NYCO Renovations will provide you with an accurate price and schedule estimate. Our team’s competence and ability will guarantee we adhere to our agreements.

Your NYCO Renovations team tackles your home renovations with the same care and attention to detail as a custom home construction.

Are you prepared to take the next step? Make an appointment online or by calling us in Moncton at (506) 866-3996 to have our home addition specialists at NYCO make your ideas a reality.


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