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Would it surprise you that home renovation contractors use 5 distinct business models? Therefore, not every contractor will be suitable for your project. And did you know that a contracting company’s business style significantly impacts the price of its services? In addition to the experience, you will gain? Have you ever contacted a contractor, only to discover that they do not provide the requested services? 

Here are some recommendations for who to contact and for various scopes of tasks:

Residential Renovation Contractors

These often identify themselves as kitchen and bathroom remodelers. There will be hundreds of contractors from whom to choose. But be sure you understand what you are (and are not) paying for.

These general contractors are sometimes less skilled than design-build contractors and do not work on properties undergoing structural modifications (e.g., tearing down a wall or beam). Most specialists in that field have more expertise in “constructing” than “designing”. Renovating a kitchen or bathroom takes substantially less time, requires fewer workers, and is less costly than renovating an entire home or a design-build job.

It can be difficult to locate a “renovation contractor” whose primary concentration is exterior house modifications. In general, exterior house improvement contractors are specialized tradespeople (e.g., concrete, roofing and window contractors). If you are considering a comprehensive external renovation (e.g., replacing your home’s siding, windows and roof simultaneously),weI would recommend searching for a general contractor.

Pro Tip:

Find out whether the firm has a team, or if the contractor is the owner, builder, salesperson, accounting person, warranty person, etc. Additionally, determine how they handle the project at hand.

Design-Build and Total Home Renovations

These general residential contractors can transform a plain box into a dream home. Design-build firms are accountable for the architecture, design, and construction management of significant home renovation projects.

Proper design-build contractors are incorporated businesses. Their offices have personnel for design and architecture. In addition to project managers, there are often accounting departments, design departments and administrative employees. Typically, they use their own installers (although sometimes, they may subcontract their work as well). Design-build contractors and total-house renovation companies are the Lexus of home renovations.

Pro Tip:

If you’re dealing with a “real” design-build firm, you will likely get a price range for the full project and a “design agreement” proposal. When you select a home renovation contractor for the “design agreement”, you do so with the knowledge this is the contractor you want to construct your project if you decide to forward with the renovation.

Home Additions

Home AdditionsGeneral contractors are often home addition contractors. You could almost mix them with design-build contractors and general home renovators. However, we did not mix them in this post since some house addition contractors do not provide design services. Certain home addition contractors are, in fact, home addition construction professionals. The distinction is that they prefer construction over design. Therefore, if you engage an architect or designer separately and are just looking for a home addition builder, these are your people.

Pro Tip:

Determine if the contractor is a lone proprietor or what kind of team supports the business. Find out whether the owner is also accountable for generating new business, if he is the one working on the tools. You must decide if the contractor’s requirement to manage his time between acquiring new business and completing your project would cause a delay.


Restorations are completely distinct from remodeling and renovation. However, both terms are used interchangeably by individuals outside the business. Restoration professionals are recruited when a house sustains damage from fire, wind or water. These are renovation specialists with vast expertise in dealing with insurance companies. These contractors normally do not do house renovations; rather, they are there to return the house to its pre-natural catastrophe state.

Pro Tip:

A house renovation contractor cannot increase the amount of money you are eligible to receive from your insurance carrier. Because this is a distinct business model, most kitchen and bathroom renovation businesses will not bid on restoration jobs.

Residential Service Contractors

Nearly all trade-specific contractors also provide emergency services. For instance, if your toilet is clogged, you would contact a plumbing professional. If your air conditioning failed, you would contact a heating and air conditioning contractor. Other non-emergency trade-specific contractors include tile setters if you want to re-tile your flooring (but not your whole bathroom) and roofers – however, your roofer is not permitted to replace wood, so be careful of what their license enables them to do.

NYCO Renovations: New Brunswick’s Best Residential Renovations Contractor

NYCO Renovations is located in Moncton (Dieppe), New Brunswick. Our home renovation services include design-build whole-house renovations and additions, kitchen and bathroom renovations, and basement renovations (yes, we do it all).

When you employ our team for your home renovations, you will get guidance from an interior designer for picking finish materials from our showroom. In addition, you will have access to a specialized project manager and an online portal to monitor the construction’s progress. Choose your materials, remain out of the building zone, and our crew will build you a brand-new house.

Visit NYCO Renovations online or call us in Moncton at (506) 866-3996 for more information on your best options for residential renovations.


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