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We are as aware as anybody that the past few months have been stormy. Mold, musty odors and structural damage can result from a leaky basement.

Only highly skilled and certified tradespeople can do this kind of repair work, so we’ve been busy helping customers fix water problems in their basements. 

Dealing With a Wet Basement: Prevention Is Key

Having water in your home is the worst possible situation. Even if you try to keep it out of your house, the most potent force in the universe will find its way in. For this reason, it should be kept as far away from your residence as possible. Customers should pay close attention to the upkeep of their houses’ exterior, including the landscaping, eavestroughs, and downspouts that direct water away from the building. Don’t let water pool in window wells; keep them clean of debris and maintain a tidy gutter system.

It’s preferable to tackle water problems from the outside so that the water stays where it belongs.

Water Issues: How To Identify Them

A musty odor on the lower level is a warning sign of a water problem. While a mild mustiness is expected in the basement, given its underground location, a more pervasive odor indicates more severe conditions. Water damage in a finished basement can also be seen in damp carpets, soft drywall, bubbling paint, swollen baseboards, and window wells that leak.

Many houses had to deal with more than just damp basements this year, as water backed up into their basements. This is where the best defense against basement flooding can be found: a properly operating sump pump (you do test it sometimes, right? ), weeping tiles, and backwater valves. The work involved in cleaning up after a basement flood is far more than if the basement had not flooded.

Because no human being possesses X-ray vision, NYCO Renovations is here to help. We are experienced in breaking down walls to locate leaks. Some basements we worked on had only one or two leaks, but after finding the source, we discovered another half a dozen elsewhere. Any basement may spring a leak; in most cases, water will evaporate over time, but this wasn’t one of those cases.

It’s Best To Let the Experts Handle It

If you try to fix the basement water problem, several issues can arise, or you may hire a professional who will take shortcuts. All our personnel are committed to the highest quality and safety standards. There is a risk of injury or property damage if people try to fix things around the house which are above their level of expertise. If you’re having water problems in your Moncton basement and need help figuring out where to start, give NYCO Renovations a call; we’ve got years of trades training and experience.

Renovator for Fixing the BasementTo get the best results from your basement renovation, go with a dependable company like NYCO Renovations. We are here to assist you during the entire process.

Are you ready to take the next step? To make your fantasies a reality, visit us online or contact NYCO Renovations in Moncton (Dieppe) at (506) 866-3996 to speak with one of our basement renovations professionals.