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If you’re considering finishing your basement or renovating the space you already have, your ultimate objective should be to give the area the impression that it’s an organic continuation of your house. This is especially important to remember if you intend to use the room as a separate apartment for visitors. 

This is a long cry from the original use of basements, which was to store the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system and other mechanical equipment. The basement has poor lighting, is usually wet and has low ceilings, so it might be a little scary to go down there.

Therefore, while you are finishing off or renovating your basement, what are some things that you can do to make the room feel more inviting for your guests? A great deal. Let’s have a peek.

Waterproofing Is a Must

For starters, a properly waterproofed basement is a must. Due to their lower elevation, basements are more susceptible to flooding than other parts of the house. Failure to take appropriate precautions might result in water damage and mold over time.

After you’ve correctly waterproofed your basement, there are several things you can do to transform it into a comfortable living space for you and your visitors. We’ll take a look at 5 more suggestions for finishing a basement.

Raise the Ambiance

It’s a known truth that unfinished basements are dank and depressing spaces to spend time in. Choose a light paint colour or a lighter tint, regardless of whether you finish the room with drywall or wood paneling. We don’t advise using pure white as your base colour when painting. Instead, utilize mild tones (there are dozens of colours available) for the design of your basement, in order to give the space some warmth and to lighten it up.

Maximize Natural Light

Even while basements are often rather dim, some of them include windows that let in natural light (even if they are on the small side). After you have brought more light into the space by selecting the appropriate colour of paint or paneling, it is essential to make the most of the available natural light, even if this means allowing only a tiny opening to the outside. It is optional to obstruct the natural light that you do have with thick window coverings. Make use of light-coloured or white shades or blinds that can be drawn for seclusion, but when open, allow light to enter the room. 

You may also keep the curtains transparent so light can get through, and hang them at a greater length to give the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it is. You will still need to add some form of overhead lighting as a supplement – but a design for your basement that makes the most of the natural light can help create an open and inviting area that will make your guests feel as though they are right at home (and not in a dark cave).

Incorporate a Full-Size Washroom

Basement Cozy for GuestsIt is recommended that each level of your home have at least one bathroom, and if you want to finish your basement and use it as a natural extension of the house, you should strongly consider installing a complete bathroom there. When visitors need to use the restroom, they won’t have to travel to different floors of your home. Your new basement guest suite will increase the value of your property, especially if you equip it with a complete bathroom and a real bedroom (one that possesses both a window and a closet).

Choose Appropriate Flooring

Because basements are notorious for having more issues with moisture than other parts of the house, many homeowners choose resilient flooring options such as vinyl, which not only looks fantastic but also performs an excellent job of warding off moisture. The newest luxury vinyl plank designs which resemble wood are perfect for flooring in a basement. Keep in mind, however, that the basement floors can get rather chilly; thus, a heated floor system or oversized area rugs can bring warmth to the living spaces of the basement.

Add a Fireplace

Installing a fireplace in your basement may need some initial financial outlay, but doing so is among the most effective ways to create a warm and inviting space for your visitors. Those who want to spend a lot of time in this room will benefit significantly from having a fireplace in the basement.

When deciding to invest money into renovating your basement, you must do it properly. This turns it into the ideal living area which you, your family, and your visitors will enjoy spending time in. You’ll also need to choose the correct contractor if you want the finished product to be the stunning room you envisioned when you started the project. 

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