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How To Choose the Best Home Renovations Contractor in Moncton

If you’re planning a large home renovation, you’ll likely need to hire professionals to make your visions a reality. Even homeowners with a lengthy track record of successful home repair projects hire professionals for significant renovations sometimes.

You know you must engage a competent contractor for your project, but which type of contractor is ideal? We’ve compiled herein a thorough guide to assist you in answering this issue thoroughly and confidently. Explore the numerous types of professionals you can use for your home renovation project and the advantages of selecting an experienced design-build business.

Types of Contractors

If you want your significant renovation project to be well-executed and done promptly, it is advisable to hire specialists – the average project can involve anything from demolition, drywall, electrical and plumbing installation to flooring, finishes and cabinet installation.

In addition, permits are necessary for most projects, and someone must be there to meet with inspectors to coordinate and supervise all tradespeople participating in the project.

Who do you employ, though? You have 3 options in the Moncton region. You can hire:

  • An unlicensed “handyman” or contractor
  • A combination of an architect and a general contractor
  • A comprehensive design-build company

Why You Should Avoid Working With Unlicensed Contractors

Some homeowners are tempted to employ a handyman or unlicensed contractor due to the lesser expense for house renovations. Employing a handyman can be fraught with danger. A handyman might be a good option only for minor, aesthetic repairs.

The danger arises when a handyman poses as a general contractor and promises to save money by doing the job discreetly without authorization.

For example, it is very rare (and probably undesirable) to rebuild a house without changing at least a portion of its wiring. If a handyman offers to install new outlets or open the walls without the necessary permissions, it is unlawful and possibly hazardous. If you continue allowing them to work without a permit, you will eventually expose yourself to hazards.

Working With an Architect When Hiring a General Contractor

Many homeowners who are planning a significant renovation begin by engaging an architect. Under this scenario, you would collaborate with the architect to develop plans which you could then present to potential construction companies.

In certain situations, your architect might be able to offer you very preliminary construction cost estimates during the design process. Still, you won’t know the cost of building your design until you get bids from contractors.

In most circumstances (but not all), your architect will continue to work for you throughout the building phase. Traditionally, the architect monitors the contractor to verify the project is constructed according to the requirements (and that no shortcuts are being taken).

How Is a Design-Build Company Different?

How Is a Design-Build Company DifferentIn recent years, a distinct strategy known as “design-build” has gained traction. Choosing a design-build company for a home renovation entails engaging a single company to design and execute the project, instead of signing separate contracts with an architect and general contractor.

The design-build method is inherently more collaborative. You swap the potentially confrontational relationship of an architect inspecting the contractor’s work for one in which the designers and builders collaborate from the outset – discussing and predicting issues and identifying solutions.

People often choose a design-build business because of its enhanced efficiency, convenience, speed and accountability.

Benefits of Selecting a Design-Build Firm

Hiring a renovator is a substantial decision. Not only is it a substantial financial commitment, but you will also work closely with anyone you choose for many months or longer. You’re not just picking a firm to perform work for you; you’re bringing a team of individuals into your house. And ideally, you’re developing a connection that will last.

If you’re like most homeowners, choosing between the design-build and architect plus contractor models marks a significant fork in the road of your renovation strategy. For this reason, you should investigate both solutions and balance their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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