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5 Things To Check When Evaluating a Home’s Renovations Potential

  1. Location is almost everything

The traditional adage that you should hunt for the worst property on the best street is excellent advice for anybody seeking a renovations deal. No matter how incredible you make the property, it will only be as excellent as the neighbourhood it’s in – so search for nearby amenities, schools and greenspace. A trip down the street using Google Street View will give you a sense of the area and identify any issues.

  1. Check the comparables on the street

On websites, you can see the selling prices of comparable adjacent houses. This will give you an estimate of the home’s maximum worth, allowing you to calculate your return on investment.

  1. Be alert for anything that will be expensive to fix

Check for missing/damaged shingles and evidence of leaning or sagging, since roof repair might cost several thousand dollars or more. If water has spilled inside, missing shingles can potentially indicate interior damage. Windows can also contribute significantly to your restoration costs, so keep a lookout for rot and dampness around window frames. You may also choose to update from single to double glazing, thus lowering heat loss and operating expenses.

  1. What do the neighbouring residences look like?

Will your proposed modifications be compatible with the rest of the street? Have your neighbours made house improvements which you could implement? Lastly, are the residences well-kept, demonstrating that the residents enjoy their properties? A street where residents maintain their houses will be more appealing in the long term, even if it may seem irrelevant to you.

  1. Is there space for an extension?

If the home is too small for your requirements, examine how you can modify it. You may be able to convert existing space easily, such as the garage or the attic. If the pitch permits, a simple attic conversion is often a cost-effective way to add more room. Or, maybe the backyard is spacious enough to accommodate an extension, while still providing plenty of areas to enjoy the outdoors. Again, examine surrounding homes to see what may be feasible.

Estimating Costs of Home Renovations

Before purchasing the property, you should research local home renovations prices to ensure the project is financially feasible. Once you’ve taken ownership of the property, do a thorough inspection and assessment of the extent of the necessary repairs to create a clear financial plan.

Some mortgage lenders assist you in financing your renovation project and will provide funds in installments. If you decide to go this way, determine the phases involved and the completion dates for each phase of the refurbishment. In addition, many mortgage brokers need you to offer a precise project budget and timeframe (including labour and material costs).

You must be realistic about the job you can afford to accomplish and when you can do it. If the home is uninhabitable, your first concern should be to make it safe, dry, and equipped with hot water and heating so you may move in – particularly if you are paying money to live somewhere during the renovations. You should not move in until all major renovations have been completed, but you can live amid minor renovations if the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are complete.

Identifying the Top Contractors for Your Renovations

Use recommendations from relatives and friends to select an architect, builder, and ifTop Contractors for Your Renovations necessary, a project manager (unless you want to act as the renovation’s project manager). You must be at ease and confident in the abilities of everyone working on your site.

If you’re purchasing a renovation project, it’s a good idea to hire a professional (such as a builder or architect) with you to get a sense of the expenses, which you can then represent in your offer.

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