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Why Am I Interested In Renovating?

There are several reasons to renovate a kitchen, but the reason generally dictates the sort of makeover. Therefore, begin the planning process by responding to the following question:

Why Am I Renovating My Kitchen?

Several typical responses to this question include the following:

  • Outdated
  • Cabinets are deteriorating and collapsing.
  • I’m relocating and want to maximize the amount of money I get when I sell my property.
  • I just purchased a home and disliked the kitchen.
  • I’ve never had enough storage, which is why I’m in the market for a new kitchen.
  • This kitchen is just too tiny, and I’d want to upgrade to a bigger room.
  • I party often, and everyone congregates in the kitchen, so I want a more functional arrangement and more room.

These are just a handful of the reasons we regularly hear. Your reasons could be quite diverse, but in the end, you need to have a clear knowledge of the underlying reason you are renovating. We’ve had customers who called us in for a kitchen makeover quotation. They intended to move fixtures, remodel the kitchen’s architecture, and many other pricey proposals. When we discovered they were renovating to put the property on the market, many of their ideas didn’t make sense. They would never get a decent return on their investment. They required a mix of cosmetic and remove and re-install makeover to improve the appearance of their kitchen and optimize the $$ they would obtain on the sale. This is a fantastic illustration of why it’s crucial to understand why you are renovating in the first place.

The Different Types of Kitchen Renovations

Renovating Your Kitchen Cosmetically

A cosmetic kitchen renovation is a straightforward project involving replacing readily removable objects. This might include a new countertop, tiled backsplash, new appliances, new hardware on cabinet doors and drawer fronts, or a fresh coat of paint throughout the kitchen.

Cosmetic kitchen improvements are normally the sort you would perform if you were selling your home, and just a few items need updating before listing. You might also make a cosmetic renovation if you just moved into your house and despise the paint colour, countertop, or other features. You may also choose a cosmetic kitchen renovation if you wish to update your kitchen’s appearance simply.

How long does it take to renovate a cosmetic kitchen?

This is usually a difficult issue to answer since it depends entirely on the scope of your little renovation. If all you’re doing is painting the kitchen, you may choose your paint colour, hire your preferred painter, and have the job completed in a single day. Even if you are an accomplished do-it-yourself homeowner, you could do this job on a weekend.

However, if you’re planning a new tile backsplash or countertop, you need to allow for additional planning time. Allow 1-4 weeks for pricing, designing, and selecting products. Add additional 1-4 weeks for ordering supplies and waiting for them to arrive.

Removed and Reinstalled Kitchen Renovations

The remove and re-install renovation go one step further than the cosmetic makeover.What Are The Reasons And Benefits Of Home Additions Moncton This renovation entails removing things and reinstalling them in their original locations. This kind of kitchen makeover often entails removing existing cabinets and replacing them with new ones so your sink, refrigerator, and stove remain in their original locations.

This type of renovation may include the replacement of cabinets and hardware and the addition of countertops, backsplash, light fixtures, appliances, and flooring.

Custom Kitchen Renovation

This is the sort of makeover you would do if you wanted to add a room, open up space, or entirely redesign your kitchen’s layout. The sky is the limit with this sort of renovation! Allow your creativity to go wild as you design your ideal kitchen.

This renovation may involve changes to the arrangement of your kitchen, such as relocating the refrigerator, stove, or sink. Also, it may entail eliminating the breakfast area, which is typically increased the kitchen’s functionality.

Additionally, you may be encountering a shift in lifestyle requirements. Your kitchen might be used for an entirely new purpose.

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