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How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Add to the Value of a Home?

When a homeowner considers a home renovation, it is often for one of two reasons: they want to increase their enjoyment of their space or increase the value of their property. However, not all improvements increase value equally, and some add far less than you would believe. How about a bathroom renovation—will it add value to your property, or is it merely cosmetic?

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2019 Remodeling Impact Report, bathroom renovations are the most popular home improvement. And, according to the most recent Cost vs. Value analysis from Remodeling magazine, returns on both midrange and luxury bathroom renovations are generally increasing. That’s fantastic news if you’re contemplating renovating your bathroom, especially if you’re considering selling your house soon.

5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas with a High Return on Investment

Homeowners wishing to repair their bathroom on a budget or who just want to5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas with a High Return on Investment undertake a few modifications should focus on the highest-returning projects. This enables you to direct your finances into the areas that will have the most impact while also assisting you in prioritizing your project duties.

Here are the five bathroom renovation ideas that will stretch your budget the farthest, both individually and in combination.

  1. New Plumbing fittings. Just as outdated fittings may quickly date a room, new fixtures can instantly update and modernize an entire area. This is fantastic news for home renovators since it means that replacing fixtures such as faucets and showerheads does not have to be prohibitively costly.

If you want to make only minor changes to the area, choose fixtures that complement (rather than conflict with) the remainder of the bathroom. Even if you decide on a more contemporary look, you’ll want to coordinate with the rest of the room’s colours and design.

  1. Upgrades to vanity. If you have more funds, consider updating the complete vanity, including the faucets and the cabinets and sinks. You may purchase vanity kits that include all of the necessary components, or you can build your own vanity. Ensure that you use materials that will appeal to customers. For instance, marble and granite are often preferred countertops, although tile and laminate might seem a little too outdated.
  2. Refreshed paint job. Something as easy as a fresh coat of paint may significantly improve the overall appearance. This is especially true if the room exhibits any signs of mildew or other sorts of water damage (though, in this situation, you’ll want to fix the underlying issue as well, rather than just conceal it behind some primer).

Painting is an excellent do-it-yourself improvement job, especially in the bathroom, often a tiny area. Utilize painter’s tape to simplify the design and select a neutral hue that will appeal to a broader audience.

  1. 4. Flooring. If you’re looking for a big makeover, changing your bathroom flooring is a terrific option. The typical cost per square foot of bathroom flooring is $2.50 to $4.00, plus labour fees (assuming you do not install the flooring yourself). If you truly want to upgrade your flooring, you may add radiant heat mats underneath the tile, which warm the floors and provide a nice atmosphere after a shower or bath.
  2. Updates that are more energy efficient. Enhancing your house’s energy efficiency benefits the environment and the market value of your property. Your shower, sink, and toilet may all be tuned for low flow, resulting in reduced water use and increased water bill savings. It’s also a major selling point for buyers, so choose energy-efficient options when replacing fixtures in your bathroom.

Is Bathroom Renovation Worth the Investment?

It is up to each homeowner to choose whether or not a bathroom makeover is worthwhile. However, you may anticipate a strong return on your investment and a high pleasure score from the endeavour. If you value having a restroom that you love being in, then go for it. It’s only frosting on the cake that you’ll also be able to repay a significant portion of the related expenditures.


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