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Basement Renovation

Renovating your basement is an excellent method to enhance your living space and increase the value of your property. However, it may be difficult since plumbing, electrical work, and even foundation repairs may be necessary. Whether you want a new gaming room, home theatre, or second bedroom, you should contact a professional to renovate your dark and dingy storage space into a lovely spot for your family to enjoy.

Basement Updates and Repairs

You may like the present style of your basement, but it needs a few changes and updates to seem brand new again. If the carpet in your much-loved room has seen better days or you believe a ceiling fan would truly complete your second living space, a simple renovation job can yield the desired effects. Our team of specialists will work diligently to finish the job swiftly and effectively, allowing you to enjoy the results without worry. Listed below are some of the renovations and repairs we can do to your basement:

    • Flooring Replacement
    • Lighting Fixture Replacement
    • Painting
    • Concrete Power Washing 
    • Drywall Patching or Repairs
    • Much More!

Our team members have years of expertise in completing several basement renovation projects. We aim to show that you’ll love your basement.

Full-Scale Basement Renovation

The joy of being a homeowner is that you can decorate your home’s areas in whatever you choose. If you acquired a property with an unfinished basement, you could complete it. Alternatively, it may be time to update the appearance of your completed basement. Adding a second living room, transforming your basement into a home gym, constructing a video gaming area for the kids, and anything else you can think of are all viable possibilities for altering your basement’s layout. Our team will assist you throughout the whole renovation process, from finalizing the design to completing the building. Regardless of the project you have in mind; we are committed to building your ideal basement.

Convert Your Basement to a Wine Cellar

Converting a piece of your basement into a wine cellar is one of the most novel methods to transform and enhance it! A wine cellar adds refinement to your house and allows you to demonstrate your refined wine taste to visitors. Any wine connoisseur is aware that wine takes particular care and attention. Wine cellars need enough room, temperature control, and shelves. Of course, they should also be attractive! We are able to help with any aspect of wine cellar renovation, including:

    • Insulation Installation
    • Shelving Installation
    • Lighting Fixture Installation
    • Flooring Replacement And Installation
    • Air Conditioning Unit Installation
    • Painting

Many ambitious homeowners may seek to build their own wine cellars. DIY style has several advantages, but you may need to be more relaxed and satisfied with the outcome. You want to guarantee that your wine cellar is flawless, and hiring a competent contractor is the best way to do this. Trust NYCO to transform your cellar into a wine enthusiast’s dream.

Ideas for Your Renovated Basement

You may consider the following:

    • Set up a home gym. A gym in the basement may increase the value of your property. However, the equipment may add thousands to your basement renovation budget.
    • Add a second living room or recreation area. Adding an additional gathering room may significantly increase the value of your house, particularly if you begin with an unfinished basement.
    • Set up a wet bar. A wet bar can increase the value of your house for families of all ages and sizes.
    • Make a playhouse for the children. However, a playroom may make it far more challenging to sell your property to a family without children. Therefore, keep this in mind while planning your basement renovation.
    • Design a gaming room. A gaming room may add appeal to any household, which might be an asset when you’re ready to sell your home.
    • Add a bedroom. The basement is ideal for a spare room or for an older kid to have their own area. For a bedroom to qualify as an official bedroom for a house evaluation, it must have at least two emergency exits.
    • Set a home theatre. Like a living room, a home theatre can add value and living space to your property.
    • Create a place just for laundry. Large laundry rooms may not significantly impact the total value of a property. However, this could appeal to buyers who need more useable space.

Let NYCO Renovate Your Basement!

We have serviced Moncton and the surrounding region for many years. Our love for beautiful home renovations and expertise and experience make us the most reputable contractor. Contact us immediately at 506-866-3996 for a quote to begin your basement renovation project!