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Does Renovating a Kitchen Increase the Value of a Home?

Yes, in a word. While most realtors will tell you that kitchens sell homes, raising the value of your property and receiving a high return on your investment are not synonymous. While creating a home renovation budget and determining which projects are worthwhile, you’ll want to consider if the rise in house value effectively compensates for the cost of a big kitchen renovation.

Consider the Following Before Renovating Your Kitchen

  1. Budget

The kitchen, along with the bathroom, is one of the most costly rooms to update. Several activities occur in a little area because of the abundance of labourers (plumbers, electricians, cabinetmakers, etc. ), resources, and time. As a general guideline, invest around 10% of the home’s entire worth.

  1. Lifestyle

How do you see your kitchen operating? Do you want to host visitors? Are you a fan of natural light? What is currently working for you? These are just some of the topics you’ll want to explore with your designer before beginning your kitchen makeover.

  1. Interior Designer

Design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A professional interior designer can assist you in seeing the broader picture. For example, they may assist in planning the new layout and determining the placement of everything down to the electrical outlets. They examine how the layout of a kitchen may be altered to meet your requirements. They will assist you with selecting materials, fixtures, and lighting and managing the project to guarantee that all aspects are executed.

  1. Timeframe

Maintain realism. It will take longer than the 45 minutes (plus commercials) that your favourite renovation program advertises. Your designer and contractor will schedule an appointment for you. Always be prepared for the project to take longer than anticipated.

  1. Appliances

Purchase the finest that you can afford. If you want built-in appliances, they must be considered from the start. Steam ovens, integrated coffee machines, and wine refrigerators make their way into the general market. If your kitchen doubles as an entertainment center, you’ll want to include them in your design.

  1. Avoid cost-cutting measures!

While you may believe that retaining old windows, plumbing, and lighting would save money, let your designer and contractor assess what, if anything, is worth preserving. It may be more expensive to work around older pieces of infrastructure or equipment. Occasionally, cost-cutting results in more costly, unneeded concerns in the future.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Consider

If you’re new to kitchen renovation, it’s critical to familiarize yourself with the manyKitchen Cabinet Styles to Consider cabinet alternatives available. Cabinets take up a significant amount of the kitchen, making it critical to choose the proper product. Stock cabinets are pre-assembled cabinets that have been manufactured at the manufacturer and are ready for installation. Another form is semi-custom, which is likewise largely constructed but has some unfinished features and allows for further modification. Custom cabinets are the third category. These are premium cabinets since they are custom-made to your requirements. They are designed and produced on-site. The homeowner controls the cabinet material, style, design, colour, hardware, and size.

Why Are Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets the Best Option?

  1. Additional Storage

Every inch of space matters in the kitchen! Kitchens that are tiny or unusually shaped sometimes lack storage space, which creates an untidy and cluttered appearance. Prefabricated cabinets are built to conventional dimensions that fit the majority of homes. However, each kitchen is unique, and only a custom cabinet specialist can create cabinetry that is sized and laid out to match your kitchen. Even the most inconvenient spot may be used to optimize storage space. Whether you want a spice rack or a cutlery cabinet, you can create cabinets to house your kitchen essentials and free up valuable countertop space.

  1. Durability

The price difference between semi-custom and custom cabinets is not significant. Given that homeowners do not change cabinets every year, investing in high-quality cabinets that last many years makes sense. Custom-built cabinets are meticulously crafted and of the highest quality. Cabinets purchased from a local shop are composed of low-quality materials. On the other hand, customization provides you total control over every aspect of the product, from the material and design to the finish and hardware.

  1. Numerous Style & Finishing Options

Custom cabinets not only suit your space properly but also allow for customization. You will have several alternatives for creating cabinets that represent your style and complement the d├ęcor of your house. You may select various colours, woods, styles, and finishes, ranging from classic to sleek contemporary.


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