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Hiring the Most Reputable Basement Renovations Contractors

Your basement may already be completed but needs extensive modification. In this instance, it pays to collaborate with a renovations professional.

This professional will serve as a general contractor and subcontract out specialized duties like waterproofing, electrical, HVAC and plumbing. Unless you want to alter the arrangement of the area, these chores will be less time-consuming than those associated with basement finishing.


This is the big moment you’ve been waiting for. A home renovations contractor can help you with a bathroom renovation or a new addition to your main level. Here are four important tips for picking the best local contractor:

  • Declare Your Goals. Discuss your project objectives with a potential contractor from start to finish.
  • Specify Your Budget. Specify what you want to be done and how much you’re prepared to spend.
  • Recognize Quality Often Reflects Price. Ask your contractor for advice on all project deliverables and dates, and get a documented list of all the items needed.
  • Know a Contractor’s History. Before employing a contractor, including any national trade organization certificates, examine their credentials beforehand.

Questions To Ask

The preceding tips should have identified a few contractors who meet all requirements. Contact them and assess their credentials more in-depth by asking some specific questions:

  • How many basements have you recently renovated?
  • What formal education did you obtain for this position?
  • Are you a member of any professional organizations?
  • Are you in possession of a valid province-issued license and registration?
  • Are you covered by insurance?
  • Are you able to provide written warranties?
  • Could you provide an estimate for how long the project will take?
  • Will you provide a variety of materials?
  • Are there any references you can provide?

Once you have a list of former customers’ references, ask them many questions to ascertain their level of satisfaction with this professional.

Choosing a Professional for Basement Renovating and Waterproofing

Not all renovations are aesthetically pleasing, and certain types are important to keep your house dry. A basement waterproofing provider can assure this by installing several options, from inside sump pumps to French outdoor drains.

Because some of this work will occur on-site at your foundation, selecting an expert with the necessary knowledge is critical. These professionals are often distinct from those responsible for completing (or modifying) the area. While some businesses provide all services, the majority focus on one or the other.

Initial Steps

With this type of professional, reputation is critical. Any job that may impact your foundation will need someone well-versed in the subject. The cost of basement sealing, for example, might range from $10,000 to considerably more. Ascertain that your money is used wisely.

  • Recognize your issue. It might be a simple $500 repair, or you could need a new foundation. If in doubt, get free foundation repair quotes.
  • Conduct research. How many specialists are available in your area to do the necessary work to keep your home secure and dry?
  • Examine ratings and reviews. Excellent ratings are desirable. Even better are in-depth evaluations which outline the work performed for a client.
  • Verify licensing. Avoid working with anybody who is not licensed to do the work of the required size/budget and is not registered with the province.
  • Recognize warranties. Consider only those contractors who can back up their quality claims with a guarantee that any concerns will be resolved.

Questions for Waterproofing, Sealing and Repairing Professionals

Interviewing is critical. As you invite firms to provide quotes, sit down with them and ask a few precise questions to ascertain their quality:

  • How long do you anticipate the work will take?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Have any of the systems you’ve deployed failed? What went wrong, and how would you correct it if it happens again?
  • Would you suggest waterproofing the inside or outside (and why)?
  • Which sump pumps, if any, would you recommend?
  • Why do you believe your recommended project is the best course of action for me?
  • Do you provide a warranty; if so, what’s covered?
  • Can you share any samples of previous work similar to mine?

Where Can I Find the Best Basement Contractors in Moncton?

Because most houses in Canada have a basement, renovations professionals are easy to find. The basement contractors at NYCO Renovations are here to assist you in planning and achieving the ideal area.

To find out more, visit or call us in Moncton (Dieppe) at (506) 866-3996 today.

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