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Increasing Your Home’s Value With Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom is a necessary component of every house, but its condition is sometimes disregarded. You want your bathroom to be useful as well as fashionable. Updating or installing a new bathroom is one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your house. A bathroom renovation or extension are great options to increase your home’s marketability.

Increasing the Rental Value of a Home

The value of a home is influenced by the amount you can charge tenants to live on your property. Consider how many people your house can accommodate at any time. Multiple bathrooms or ensuite showers are desirable when accommodating bigger families or parties. Large, open-plan living areas are often favored.

Don’t forget that the return on your home renovations does not always manifest itself in the form of increased property value instantly upon sale. If you’re renting your property long-term (or as a vacation home), the number of people it can sleep and its amenities are likely to be more essential to your tenants than eco-friendly appliance improvements. Still, they can make a significant financial difference to you. It’s all about assessing the benefits and drawbacks of each change and then striking the optimal balance for you.

Bathroom Renovation Projects With High ROI

  1. Vanity

Bathroom Renovation Projects With High ROIThis is one of the best projects in terms of return on investment – but it may be more costly than the others. Updating the vanity often entails replacing the countertops, faucet and sink, which may consume a significant portion of your cash. The majority of home buyers nowadays are searching for vanities that are a comfortable height and include granite counters, so keep an eye on the total cost of your components.

  1. Flooring

Replacing the flooring will go the farthest in transforming the overall look of your bathroom. Affordably priced porcelain or ceramic tile (or even vinyl) may be installed to mimic classic wood or stone, while being entirely waterproof and resistant to any degree of dampness. You may also add radiant-heat mats underneath your bathroom flooring of choice for less than $150 per every 6 feet of mat – a tempting option in colder locations.

  1. Tub/Shower

The current trend (particularly in master bathrooms) is to remove the bathtub and replace it with a bigger walk-in shower. While soaker tubs remain a viable alternative if space permits (and do not eliminate all tubs from home), whirlpool jet bathtubs are on the decrease.

Simple Tips for Big Improvements

  1. New Paint

This uncomplicated strategy can dramatically affect the overall appearance of the bathroom. If water-related damage or mildew is present, its usefulness will be doubled. Because most bathrooms are small and lack high ceilings, painting them is an excellent Do-It-Yourself job (but nobody does it better than a professional). Simply select a hue to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere: light blue, light purple, or pure white are all good choices.

  1. Upgrades to Vanity

If money allows, consider updating the vanity. This adds character to the bathroom. Choose marble or granite-like countertop over tiles or laminate for a “classic” aesthetic.

  1. Replacing Outdated Plumbing

If your house is older, it may be necessary to replace the plumbing. New plumbing can be installed to prevent future leaks if the finish is worn, and contemporary sinks and toilets can be fitted. With so many different designs of fixtures available, choose ones which complement the bathroom’s overall design. When refurbishing for resale, avoid fleeting styles and go for something more basic and uncomplicated. Choose something that’s not too distinctive; it may not appeal to a large number of purchasers.

  1. Refinishing Your Bathtub

Bathtubs, on the other hand, are a different matter. They are very costly to replace. The majority of the cost is related to the work involved in removing the old one and installing the new one. For tubs, it’s often preferable to consider refinishing; this is less costly and maintains the tub’s “like new” appearance. Additionally, the procedure takes just one day.

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