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Tips for Successful Basement Renovations

1. Stand in the center of your basement and consider what you want to do with this area. Do you have a picture in mind? Consider how you may use the area in 5, 10 or 15 years. This is critical. What can become a playroom today may become a movie room in 5 years and a guest bedroom (or the bedroom of your teenager) in 10 years. As your demands evolve, ensure that the design you create today is readily transformable.

2. Before you even consider completing the basement, check for dampness. You don’t want to complete your basement by putting up drywall and installing gorgeous flooring, only to discover that you have hairline cracks in the foundation wall and water pouring through. Walk around your basement thoroughly and search for cracks in the foundation using a flashlight. Repeat the process on the outside of your house as well. Hairline cracks can begin on the outside and progress to the inside. To be sure, get an expert to do a complete test using a moisture meter.

3. Consider leaving a modest unfinished room in your basement. We all have “things” we don’t need to exhibit, but we need a place to keep them. So allow at least a modest piece of your basement to remain unfinished for storage.

4. Consider your lighting. Proper lighting is critical in a basement. We prefer LED pot lights, especially if your ceiling is low. If your ceiling is higher (at least 8 feet with drywall), you can add additional ornamental lights such as hanging lights (or even ceiling flush-mount lights). Also consider some unique architectural lighting, such as lights under your stairwell railing or between the risers and treads on your steps.

5. You may not think you need it, but if your budget permits, soundproof the ceiling. This is advantageous if some family members use the basement while others stay above. This may not be essential now, but what about when your kids decide to have friends over in 5 or 6 years, or when your parents need a little more assistance than now, and you decide to have them move into your beautifully completed basement? You’ll want that sound barrier in place so no one disturbs other family members.

Finally, consider adding a bedroom and bathroom to your basement if your budget permits. Include a few luxurious pleasures to this area. It can be a lovely location to accommodate overnight visitors. When you need a few hours away from it all, take a soothing bath in your deep soaker tub followed by a sleep in your basement bedroom.

Best Contractor for Basement Renovations

How To Select the Best Contractor for Basement Renovations

1. Obtain Photographs of Previous Projects

An effective strategy for locating the best basement renovations contractor is to obtain photographs of the company’s previous renovation jobs. Along with seeing pictures, request references from the company’s previous clientele. Ask the contractors to describe how they performed the projects shown; you can submit a drawing of your renovation design to see whether the firm can readily complete the job in your house.

2. Don’t Just Choose the Lowest Price

While you don’t need to spend a fortune on your basement renovations, you should avoid picking a contractor based only on their low prices. Certain renovation firms offer low prices because they don’t utilize the best products nor employees.

3. Seek Professionalism

Choosing a contractor who exhibits professionalism and a nice demeanour is vital. If the contractor is often late for meetings, does not return your calls or emails, communicates with you in an impolite manner or requests money before finishing the assignment, you are dealing with an unprofessional company.

4. Ensure They Prioritize Your Design Objectives

When looking for a basement renovations contractor in Canada, you want to work with someone who will not fully “take over” your project and force their views on you throughout the planning phase. The contractor should be receptive to comprehending and carrying out your design concepts while making only small, necessary adjustments.

5. Inquire What’s Included in the Total Cost

The contractor should provide you with a thorough written estimate, outlining the scope of the project and the cost of each component of the renovations. This way, you can ensure that you’re not a victim of fraud.

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