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Renovating your bathroom can increase the value of your house, its usefulness, and its aesthetic appeal. The return on investment for renovating a bathroom is nearly 60%. This represents an outstanding return on investment in contrast to other forms of home modifications.

Reducing the amount of money spent on bathroom renovations is feasible if adequate planning and preparation are done, a reasonable budget is created, and professionals are consulted. Are you thinking of renovating the bathroom? Be sure to consider the following:

Make a Budget

Set a budget before commencing the renovation. This information will allow you to determine the entire cost of your project’s furnishings, materials and assembly. There are instances when one may do more with less money and vice versa. Knowing this information beforehand can prevent going over your budget, and ensure your renovations are customized to your tastes.


It makes sense to preserve your bathroom’s current layout to save money on plumbing. Moving fixtures and renovating plumbing will cost you more than replacing them  in their existing placements. It’s possible that improving accessibility will require relocating the existing furniture and fittings. In this particular scenario, reliable contracting services such as NYCO Renovations can create the ideal plan that considers your budget and requirements.

Water-Resistant Flooring

Materials for the floor which are not appropriate for use in bathrooms include hardwood and laminate. Both of these cannot tolerate any moisture in any form. Tile flooring is the superior choice because it is water-resistant and long-lasting when correctly installed. Alternatively, you might install a floor of premium vinyl tile or planks. These options provide the idea of actual tile or hardwood flooring, but do not require the maintenance that comes along with it. They are both affordable and long-lasting.


Changing out the vents in the bathroom is an essential step in any major renovation project you do. Your contractor needs to examine the state of your existing vent to guarantee air and moisture are correctly removed from your property as they should be. If the current vent does not, you need to acquire a new vent. When the humidity in the bathroom is too high, issues such as paint that’s peeling, water stains, mildew, and mold can begin to form.

Proper Illumination

An overhead light is required to ensure sufficient overall illumination in the bathroom; you should also consider installing task lighting in the vanity. Having adequate lighting in the vanity area is essential to make day-to-day grooming tasks (such as shaving and applying cosmetics) go more smoothly. If the room has excessive light, you should install dimmer switches. On top of this, the lighting and mood of the room may be adjusted to reflect those changes.

Bathroom Renovations in Moncton

Planning a Bathroom RenovationRenovations, whether minor or extensive in scope, should be directed by experts like those at NYCO Renovations. This involves hiring a professional renovations contractor and only employing the highest-quality materials and methods.

Moncton residents know they can rely on us to make quality home improvements including bathroom renovations on schedule and within budget. Contact us at (506) 866-3996 or visit NYCO Renovations online today.